Biodiversity in Kingdom of Asiatic Lion

The Asiatic Lion is a great survivor now claiming new territories, let his breed spread far and wide, may his roar be heard all over Saurashtra.

This unique dry deciduous Gir Jungle Sanctuary comprising more than a thousand square km area is today the only natural habitat in the world which harbors the Asiatic Lion. On its last stand in this forested habitat, around hundred years back when numbers were dwindling due to prestigious shikars the man who arrested this predators critical decline was the Ruling Nawab Of Junagadh who enforced total protection for this species and banned lion hunting in his part of the Gir Jungle. Due to Conservation and efficient management of GIR HABITAT today more than five hundred lions inhabit the Sanctuary and many prides are establishing new territories for themselves by coastal forest, grassland and distant hills almost a 100 kms away from the borders of the sanctuary. This unique success in its population growth in spite of all round rural development in Saurashtra and increase in human population is due to fact that there is a parallel of co – existence between humans and this predator such as this is not found anywhere in the world. It is a known fact that the lion frequently predates on livestock of the villagers but there is high level of tolerance and it is accepted that the lion is top predator, Sawaj as he is reffered, being very much part of the human populated landscape on the periphery of Gir Sanctuary. This habitat is populated by other animals like Axis Deers or Spotted Deers, Four Horned Antelope, Langurs, Leopards, Hyaenas, Jackals, Blue Bull, Antelopes, Wild Boars, Sambar’s, Civet cats, the smallest and rare cat the Rusty Spotted Cat, the Pangolin, Porcupines and reptiles like the Marsh Crocodile, Monitor Lizard, The Rock Python, Fan throated lizard, Chameleons.

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