Flora and Biodiversity

The Geology, soil composition and hills and watershed of Gir support a diverse spread of Flora, the dry deciduous jungle is dominated by Tectona Grandis, Flame of Forest, Banyan, Saral, Karanj, Pipal, Indian Ghost Tree, Umro, Dhudhlo, Indian Coral Tree, Silk Cotton Tree the riverine habitat has green bushes and evergreen trees like jamun, vad, pipal, tamarind, karanj and flowering bush on rocks in flowing river with ferns, moss and weeds, creepers of crabs eye, kangasiya, akdo and mal vel creeper. The terrain burst out into color in January with Butea Monosperma, flowering of indian coral tree and Semlo flowers and seed dispersal the natural flower show goes on in phases in monsoon many wild plants flower and several insects and butterflies can be seen as pollinators.

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