Conservation Work

Besides saving this scenic enclave (parcel of land) from being mined and this place losing its most crucial vantage point in terms of topography and flora and wilderness niche, efforts have been made to stop deforestation in these areas. Local inhabitants are gradually being involved in interpreting the habitat to visitors and the Retreat employs only local people and several benefits through outsourcing for materials and services
Go Organic is being implemented in few orchards of the famed Kesar Mango and Mango Trees are nurtured by organic manure and vermiculture and no chemicals have been sprayed or synthetic fertilizer in its growth at the retreat, same for all other trees in orchard of Chikoo, Lemon, Drumstick, Jackfruit, Jamun, Coconut, Guava, Papaya, Sweet Lime, Pomogranade and Custard Apple. The land also has Herbs, Medicinal wild plants and Edible flowers of Jungle creepers. An interesting photographic record is maintained about plants, birds, wildlife and people and published online from time to time to create awareness about this habitat. We do not encourage popular tourism as purpose is to limit footfalls and be selective. It is a difficult task to keep the habitat clean from polythene and plastics as visitors and picnickers throng on opposite side across the river so it is a fervent appeal to visit this area minus polythene and plastics and do not litter
Visitors are encouraged to purchase vegetables and fruits direct from surrounding farmers so the inhabitants here benefit.

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