About Jamjir Retreat

Jamjir Retreat is a licensed homestay, named after the scenic jamjir waterfall which dominates this riverine jungle habitat. It is situated forty feet above the perennial River Shingoda, originating in the core jungle area and fed by several bedrock springs from extensive limestone aquifiers. The Kesar Mango Orchard was purchased as this most scenic parcel of land would have fallen prey to limestone excavation laying bare the land and all its flora and dependant species. A small farm house was built. Now it acts as resource point for local conservation and biodiversity interpretation employing and training local dwellers in vicinity. They share their traditional knowledge on plant and wildlife and spirituality of this area with visitors and guide them in this scenic landscape interspread with flowing rivers, gorge, canyons, jungle, caves, rock boulders and waterfalls. We believe their spirit and lifestyle is woven with this habitat..

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